Current Promotions


Promotions June 1, 2024 to July 15, 2024.

Special Invitation for new customers:

Simply place a $650.00+ immediate ship order on our website within 15 days of us contacting you (Order must be for an immediate ship order and include at least 5 different holiday glitter accent items). and you'll receive the following:

  • *FREE SHIPPING FOREVER (see details below).
  • Plus 10% off your first order.
  • And . . .  if you don’t like your FIRST “immediate ship order” you can return the ENTIRE first shipment" free of charge. You must contact us by email within 15 business days of receiving your order to return entire order. Absolutely no cherry picking of items - the entire order must be returned back to us for the refund. 
  • This is a onetime offer for new accounts and will not be offered again to the same customer.

Promotion for current customers:

  • Most of you already get *free shipping forever, if you don't just place a $650.00+ order to get *shipping forever" now. This is one of lowest order amounts we've offered to get "free shipping forever". It's usually $1000.00 or more to get it.
  •  If you order an immediate ship order of $1,000.00 you'll also get 8% off plus free shipping. 
  • If you order an immediate ship of $2000.00 or more you'll get free shipping and 15% off your order.

Promotion for using Venmo to pay your bill:

  • If you elect to pay your entire bill by Venmo we will deduct an additional 4% off your bill.

*Free shipping forever details  /  small print:

 *FREE SHIPPING FOREVER - you get free shipping on your order now and on every additional order over $250 in 2024.

  • *Plus, each year after 2024 when your first order is $450.00 or more you'll also get free shipping on the $450.00 order and all additional orders of $250.00+ for the rest of the calendar year January through December. This applies to every calendar year after.
  • *Note you must order at least $450.00 each calendar year to get free shipping forever. If you miss ordering a year you will lose the free shipping forever promotion.